Titan Pump Protection Products

Titan Y-Strainers are installed in a piping system to remove unwanted debris from the pipeline, protecting expensive equipment downstream such as pumps, meters, spray nozzles, compressors, and turbines. They can be placed in a horizontal or vertical pipeline as long as the screen is in a downward position. Straining is accomplished via an internal perforated or mesh-lined straining element, the size of which should be determined based on the size of the smallest particle to be removed.

Pump Products

Tri-Flow Control

Titan Tri-Flow Valve

Tri-Flow Control Model TF21-CI

TF 21-CI

Tri-flow Control Check Valve
Balance, Shutoff, & Check Valve
125 LB
Cast Iron A126 Gr. B
Flanged Ends
ASME 125

Size Range:
2" - 12"  200 psi @ 150° F
Sizes Available: 2" - 20"

Economical and convenient design Titan's Tri-flow Control Check Valve is three valves in one, replacing a calibrated balance valve, shut-off valve, and silent check valve for a simplified and inexpensive way to control flow from a pump.

Titan Foot Valve

Titan Foot Valve

Foot Valve Assembly FV 50-DI

FV 50-DI

Globe Style Design
Foot Valve Assembly
Heavy Duty SS Screening
Ductile Iron
Flanged Ends
ASME Class 150

Size Range:
2" - 12"  250 psi @ 100° F
Larger Sizes Available up to 24"

Designed to Silently Maintain Prime During Pump Outage
Installed at the intake side of a suction pipe and pump, the purpose of a foot valve is to prevent the loss of prime when the liquid source is lower than the pump.

Suction Diffuser

Titan Suction Diffuser

Suction Diffuser Strainer

SD 22-CI

Suction Diffuser Strainer
Integral Straightening Vanes
Epoxy Painted
Cast Iron A126 Gr. B
Flanged Ends
ASME Class 125

Size Range:
2" - 12"    200 psi @ 150° F
14" - 24"  150 psi @ 150° F

High Quality Protection for Pumps
A Titan Suction Diffuser, while functioning as a strainer to prevent foreign particles from harming a pump, also has straightening vanes that reduce turbulence in the flow and alleviate stress and erosion on the pump.

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